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I managed to get a hold of an interlibrary loan copy of Woman on the Edge of Time and am about 10 pages from finishing and being able to join the discussion. Wow, but for now let me say that the book could do with about a page and a half of trigger warnings! I think I may be a little desensitized now that I am coming to the end of it, but the first chapter hit me pretty hard.

I have also managed to get an interlibrary loan of Octavia Butler's Lilith's Brood--would people be interested in reading this one as the next text and discussing it here in a months time?
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Peggy at Biology in Science Fiction has put up a post hosting the discussion on Woman on the Edge of Time over here.

Comments are open to anyone - if people want to link back to their DW or LJ accounts they can use the OpenID option.

Thanks Peggy!

While you are there check out the rest of her blog, it's a great blog on a topic that I think a lot of my reading list/f-list will be interested in.
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Thanks everyone who has participated so far in last months discussion on The Female Man. As is the nature of the internet the discussion post will be up there for as long as the technology continues to support it, so feel free to continue discussions there and add your opinion on the text if you haven't done so already.

This month we are reading Marge Piercy's Woman on the Edge of Time. I will put up an open discussion post on the 29th of July, until then, happy reading!
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Hi everyone,
glad to see so many people have joined up for the Women in SF reading club! Just a reminder that it is time to start reading The Female Man, by Joanna Russ.

I am still trying to get my hands on a copy, but I have made a few enquiries to secondhand book shops and I am feeling pretty confident I will have a copy in the next few days :) While I was looking I did find copies of Russ' Picnic on Paradise, and The Adventures of Alyx to keep me amused until The Female Man turns up. Both are under 200 pages long, which I am pretty thrilled about given my new-media generation attention span (and, you know, that PhD I am writing up!)

While I was book shopping I also found a cheap copy of Introducing Feminism (you know, the light, comic book style ones) which was sitting in the 'self help' section--this amused me greatly but seemed somehow appropriate, after all feminism has certainly been a great help to me :)
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Let's start next month (June) with Joanna Russ, The Female Man, as that one looks like it will be more readily available than Woman on the Edge of Time (which is out of print), and if people could have a look out for second hand copies of the Marge Piercy we can consider it for July.

Suggested WA sources for The Female Man: Murdoch library, UNISFA library, Fantastic Planet bookshop, secondhand bookshops, or be nice to either neleh13 or fredmouse :)

I have asked my city library if there is any chance of getting any of the texts in and am waiting for a response. Will start looking for them all at secondhand bookshops.


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