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Date: 2009-06-25 03:37 am (UTC)
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HE: Darling, why must you work part-time as a rug salesman?

SHE: Because I wish to enter the marketplace and prove that in spite of my sex I can take a fruitful part in the life of the community and earn what our culture proposes as the sign and symbol of adult independence—namely money.

HE: But darling, by the time we deduct the cost of a baby-sitter and nursery school, a higher tax bracket, and your box lunches from your pay, it actually costs us money for you to work. So you see, you aren't making money at all. You can't make money. Only I can make money. Stop working.

SHE: I won't. And I hate you.

HE: But darling, why be irrational? It doesn't matter that you can't make money because I can make money. And after I've made it, I give it to you, because I love you. So you don't have to make money. Aren't you glad?

SHE: No. Why can't you stay home and take care of the baby? Why can't we deduct all those things from your pay? Why should I be glad because I can't earn a living? Why—

This section seems particularly relevant in my life right now, though to be fair, I am both the HE and the SHE in the argument, and my partner has never indicated anything of the sort, I have conveniently internalized it.

But it wasn't until reading this that I realised that I had assumed that it must be *my* wage that the sum of these things be deducted from in working out if returning to work was financially viable.
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