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Female Music Appreciation Month 6

Tori Amos--pt 1
I have been putting this one off because there is so much to say, but rather than put it off any longer (and risk not writing it all together) I am going to write it in parts--most likely 3.

I first heard Tori when the single Cornflake Girl made it big in Australia and my immediate reaction, like many other peoples I suspect, was 'wow Kate Bush has a new song, awesome!'

It is funny, because now I don't think the two artists sound similar at all, and I have never seen or heard in any interview Tori saying that Kate Bush has been any influence on her.

[I wanted to share the original video here and ironically the version I found seems to have been recorded off rage from a previous hottest 100 of all time--and it was number 27!]

Tori never was a cornflake girl, but she was a 'just right' girl...

Knowing about her early career cereal commercial adds meaning to the song for me. It seems to me that it is about girl hierarchies, the viciousness of cliques, and fitting in. And even when you almost fit in, or seem to fit in from the perspective of others (as a just right girl) you often still feel like you are on the outside. It is definitely a defining work in Amos' career, and a song of great meaning and emotion to me, which is why I include it in my top 10 of all time.