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WiSF reading club: Woman on the Edge of Time/Liliths Brood

I managed to get a hold of an interlibrary loan copy of Woman on the Edge of Time and am about 10 pages from finishing and being able to join the discussion. Wow, but for now let me say that the book could do with about a page and a half of trigger warnings! I think I may be a little desensitized now that I am coming to the end of it, but the first chapter hit me pretty hard.

I have also managed to get an interlibrary loan of Octavia Butler's Lilith's Brood--would people be interested in reading this one as the next text and discussing it here in a months time?
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Lilith's Brood is one of my favorite books of all time, so... yes! However, when my analog book club read it, some people loved and some hated it. It also could use a warning--there are some deeply disturbing sexual power issues going on in that book.
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Thank you for the warning, then. I may sit on the fringes of this discussion.
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It sounds like a great idea.

I'd just note that "Lilith's Brood" (aka "Xenogenesis") is the name given to the entire trilogy. Did you mean that the discussion will be about all three novels ("Dawn", "Adulthood Rites", "Imago"), or would it focus primarily on "Dawn"?